Student Competitions

K-12 Student Competitions

  1. Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project High School Moot Court Competition
    • Each fall and spring, the Marshall-Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project hosts a program-wide moot court competition for the students in local Marshall-Brennan classes. Students prepare and compete in their classrooms. The winners from each class are invited to compete against each other for a day-long, citywide oral argument contest held either at the Washington College of Law or at the U.S. Courthouse for the District of Columbia. Four winners are chosen in the fall and spring. These winners receive a cash prize and an invitation to compete in the National High School Moot Court Competition.
  2. Marshall Brennan Constitutional Literacy Project Annual Essay, Poetry, Art and T-Shirt Competition
    • Each year the Marshall-Brennan Project hosts the annual William H. Karchmer End-of-Year Celebration Arts and Awards Ceremony where the high school students demonstrate their constitutional understanding through artistic expression, such as essays, poetry, and t-shirt design. T-shirts with the winning design are distributed to all Marshall-Brennan participants.
  3. ConSource – Harlan Institute Virtual Supreme Court Competition
    • The ConSource-Harlan Institute VirtualSupreme Court Competition offers teams of two high school students the opportunity to research cutting-edge constitutional law, write persuasive appellate briefs, argue against other students through video chats, and try to persuade a panel of esteemed attorneys during oral argument that their side is correct. Winners are flown to Washington to participate in ConSource’s Annual Constitution Day Celebration.
  4. We the People: Citizen and the Constitution
    • The We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution Program promotes civic competence and responsibilityamong the nation’s upper elementary and secondary students. TheWe the People printed textbook’s and Enhanced Ebook’s interactive strategies, relevant content and the simulated congressional hearing make teaching and learning exciting for both students and teachers. The program enjoys active support from state bar associations and foundations, and other educational, professional, business, and community organizations across the nation. Since its inception in 1987, more than 28 million students and 75,000 educators have participated in the We the People Program.
  5. The George Nethercutt Foundation Annual Citizenship Tournament
    • The tournament is open to 4th, 8th, and 12th graders, who compete for more than $25,000 in scholarships by demonstrating knowledge about American history and government, as well as engaging in their community by completing the citizenship tasks that were are as part of the tournament process.
  6. The Constitution Bee (soon to be launched)
    • Constitution Bee offers high school aged students the opportunity to compete for 15 scholarships worth a total of over $10,000! The Bee will emphasize how the Constitution applies to our everyday lives.

College Student Competitions

  1. Joe Foss Institute Scholarship Contests
    • A video and essay college scholarship contests that challenge students to consider what the Founding documents mean, and express your own feelings about patriotism, citizenship, and what it means to be an American. In each contest, high school students submit an entry based upon a selected theme. Each year, the Institute grants 15 scholarship totaling $42,500.
  2. Intercollegiate Studies Institute Annual Essay Contest
    • ISI’s essay contest attracts submissions from undergraduate students across the country and addresses themes related to American history, government and the economy.